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About Reading Rainbow School...

The Reading Rainbow School was founded in 1999 by our late director Mrs. Miriam Richards.  Her mission and purpose was and continues to be…

“To build a school for the purpose of educating boys and girls from Preschool through Junior High School, with a solid education and morale training that will change and bless the hearts and minds of students, parents, and educators of these Virgin Islands.

Since the passing of Mrs. Richards, the Reading Rainbow School is now under the direction of Mr. Eyon Richards and Mrs. Dezra Richards-Frazer.

Faculty and Staff…

Preschool Teachers (K3-K4)
Elementary Teachers (K5-5th)
Middle School Teachers (6th-8th)
Preschool Teachers (K3-K4)

Mrs. S. Victor (K-3)

Mrs. M. Valmond (Assistant)

Mrs. E. St. Louis (K-4)

Elementary Teachers (K5-5th)

Ms. M. Edwards (K-5 A)

Ms. O. Browne (K-5 B)

Mrs. M. Grainger (1st Grade)

Ms. L. Nicholas (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Dezra Richards-Frazer (3rd -4th Grade)

Ms. A. Beazer (Assistant)

Middle School Teachers (6th-8th)

Ms. S. Simmons (6th-7th Homeroom)

Ms. C. Desormeaux (8th Homeroom)


Mr. Eyon Richards                             – Director

Mrs. Dezra Richards-Frazer             – Assistant Director

Ms. Lorna Jack                                 – Office Manager


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